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Unrest and Uncertainty Reign!

June 16, 2011 Global Economy, Politics, Predictions 3 Comments

We are living through a phase in history where unrest and uncertainty reign! Even in the areas where we can see clearly the direction that we are headed, we are being told by the media that all is not as we see it.  Is it any wonder that the markets are in turmoil and that even the most solid of investments, gold has been cast under a shadow of “top callers”?  With everything that is going on in the Middle East, the “PIGS” implosion and the U.S. dollar teetering on collapse, one would think that gold would be headed to new highs in short order.  The fact that gold is currently consolidating is due solely to the power of misdirection that is being employed by governments and their willing accomplices in “The Forth Estate”. Unrest and uncertainty reign over the markets at the present, but shortly we will take a look at one area where there is clearly no uncertainty and where everything is going according to plan.

The Market Mindset

Markets like stability.  Stability allows business to plan for the future and determine where and how much to invest, based on the demand for their product or services.  There is a simple rule of capitalism, you don’t invest your money unless you have a realistic opportunity to succeed and profit from your investment. Uncertainty in the market place puts the brakes on investment.  If you need proof of this statement, you only need look at the “Obama Summer of Recovery”.  No recovery ever occurred and money has not left  the banks vaults in the form of loans to small businesses.  The markets know that there has been no recovery and they also know that the Fed has been saying there will be no QE-3.

Markets normally reflect what they see coming six months out and beyond.  The general equities markets, the mining stocks and the oil markets are not seeing a clear and uncluttered future, so they are portraying a future filled with unrest and uncertainty.  So far, and I say this with some hesitance, spot gold has not followed the markets lead and is staying in a tight trading range between $1,520 and $1,550.  Gold is not moving dramatically, but it is also not dropping like some of the other markets.  Gold is behaving as it should by reflecting that there is turmoil and uncertainty in the world and in the financial markets.  Gold is behaving like the canary in a coal mine.


The Greek situation is rapidly coming to a boil now that it looks likely that a new bail out compromise won’t be reached until at least late July.  Greece is looking more like a trailer for the summer blockbuster of the same sort that is coming shortly to America.  This video comes to us via RT (Russia Today). RT is the first Russian 24/7 English-language news channel which brings the Russian view on global news.

Agitators take “normal, peaceful” demonstrations to a new level.  The similarities between the Greek debt and the debt problems of many states in U.S. are undeniable.  Soon, the credit rating agencies will turn their eye towards U.S. states, California comes to mind, and then towards the U.S. as a whole.  Greece will relax a little as the spotlight gets turned on to a bigger fish.

If you think that rioting like you just watched in Greece can’t happen here in the U.S., think again, because it already is on a smaller scale! When the needed steps are taken to reign in the debt explosion brought on by the “Obama regime”, the American’s that have become used to years of living off other people’s money, will react and the Obama “storm troops”, the SEIU will step in to turn the demonstrations violent. That is the specific reason why a large portion of the stimulus money was funneled into the SEIU’s coffers instead of into “shovel ready jobs”.

The One Certainty In This Era Of Uncertainty.

Global uncertainty has many causes but, U.S. uncertainty has one and only one cause, Barack Hussein Obama! “The Community Organizer In Chief” of the U.S. is the one constant that we can rely on in these uncertain times. There is no one that you can rely on more.

Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina said it best during President Obama’s Sept 9th, 2011 health care address.  At the time it was “shocking” for a president to be heckled at a speech before  the Congress, but time has proven Congressman Wilson to have been prescient in his outburst.

There is nothing that the “Progressives”, or whatever they are calling themselves today, hate more than to be called out on what they really are, liars.  They lied about the need for and where the money from the TARP program was going, they lied about the need for and where the stimulus money was going, and the same for QE-2.  They are lying today when they say there will be no QE-3.

You can count on one thing through all of this uncertainty, when “The Community Organizer In Chief” says, “Let me make this perfectly clear”, he is embarking on a path of obfuscation that will direct you to the truth, namely the exact opposite of what he is saying.  He lies! The president has been forced into this posture because if he knows that if he told the American people about his Marxist/Socialist agenda, he would be driven out of office by an angry mob. Americans are very tolerant, but they don’t tolerate blatant liars. Representative Anthony Weiner is a rank amateur when compared with “the anointed one”.

The Tarp bill, which we had to have to avoid a financial disaster, was approximately $700 billion dollars, QE-1, the first stimulus bill, $826 billion dollars and QE-2 which is approximately $630 billion were all supposedly required to avert disasters.  What they have done is bring the U.S. to disaster’s front door.   That is $2.156 trillion dollars, that was printed out of thin air, bringing about nothing but more debt.  The depression, which we are now in, is totally owned by Obama. He continually lays it at former President Bush’s feet, but actions speak louder than words, or at least, they used to.

The Record

The $2.156 trillion in new debt that Obama has piled on our children and grand children has accomplished nothing but to line the pockets of his political cronies and to grow the government.  Let’s break it down to get a clearer picture of how corrupt this administration really is.  What they say is not what they mean. From www.thehill.com

Pelosi’s wealth grows by 62 percent

By Kevin Bogardus – 06/15/11 12:46 PM ET

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) saw her net worth rise 62 percent last year, cementing her status as one of the wealthiest members of Congress.

Pelosi was worth at least $35.2 million in the 2010 calendar year, according to a financial disclosure report released Wednesday. She reported a minimum of $43.4 million in assets and about $8.2 milion in liabilities.

For 2009, Pelosi reported a minimum net worth of $21.7 million.,,,

This from the Congress woman who pledged to drain the swamp.  Unfortunately, she added a billion, if not a trillion, gallons  of fetid water to the swamp.  It is once again an example of, what ever the left says, expect the opposite!  These people lie. That is not to say that the right doesn’t lie, but they are just not as pathological as the left.

1. Shovel ready jobs under the stimulus package:

Obama’s “Shovel Ready” Joke, Draws, Criticism, Corrections

FoxNews.com June 14, 20ll

The  White House defended its record Tuesday on the stimulus after facing a heap of criticism over President Obama’s joke a day earlier that “shovel-ready” projects in the stimulus bill weren’t so shovel-ready after all.

The president’s wisecrack came during a meeting in North Carolina with his jobs council. After hearing concerns about how the permitting process delays construction, Obama smiled and said: “Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected.”……..

Oh, ha, ha, ha, they weren’t as ready as we thought, excuse me I have to go on vacation and play golf.  America suffers  while “Barack Nero” vacations and golfs.

2. Stimulus money goes to government growth.  The only area where housing is not in a depression is Washington D.C.  The lowest rate of unemployment is in Washington D.C. at 3%.  Do I have to go further with this?

3. The gulf oil crisis provided the means to attack the oil industry.  A minimum of 4 rigs have left the gulf for foreign waters.  The jobs that were with those rigs have left the gulf as well.  Comrade Obama celebrates the oil industry that Hugo Chavez is in control of and has pledged your U. S. dollars to support his oil industry. Thank you comrade for destroying our oil industry in support of a fellow socialist’s program.  He should be impeached for this alone! Don’t hold your breath!

4. Green energy is a myth.  No one is buying these electric cars and even if they are, they are using electricity that is produced by coal to charge them!  Electric cars cause more pollution than gas vehicles, if you delieve the left’s propaganda.

5. That brings us to Obama’s stated desire to bankrupt the coal industry. The destruction of the coal industry, and the resultant spike in electric prices will be “The Community Organizer In Chief’s” legacy.  Disruption and chaos is his goal.  No Marxist takeover has ever occurred without it.

6. ObamaCare-nothing more needs be said.  ObamaCare is the end of medical freedom as we know it.  Socialized medicine has never worked anywhere, why should it work here? Oh, I forgot, these are “kinder gentler Marxists”.

These six are only the tip of the iceberg.

It is imperative that the American people recognize that we have, under Obama, the first anti-American President!

The Republic is in danger of being overthrown from within.  I think that the reason that spot gold has not cratered along with the gold stocks, is simple.  Gold knows that we are on the wrong track.  Gold is reflecting all of the harm that the progressives are dealing this country. I may be wrong, but the chances of that are minuscule.  You do what floats your boat, but I will key off everything that Obama says, because I know that the only way he can advance his agenda, in a center right country, is to lie.  Joe Wilson was right, “you lie!”

Unrest and uncertainty reign, but there is no need for your finances to be swept away by the tide of progressive-ism.  Hold your core gold positions and add to them on weakness this summer!

Till next time, good luck and good trading!









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Currently there are "3 comments" on this Article:

  1. Peter From Australia says:

    Hi Goldbug ,

    Great analysis as always , one thing though, if it wasn’t Obama in office and it was someone else, would they be any different? Unlikely in my opinion!

    History tells us that politicians or anyone in power for that matter, cant help themselves and generally lead there country down the wrong path, because lets face it, the West have lived way above their means for a long time now, cutting spending, means cutting the lifestyle that many have enjoyed off at the knees.

    To me there is very little choice for politicians at the top such as Obama, if he doesn’t go with the flow, so to speak, he is quickly and swiftly swept out of office, like any head of state.

    So to me his choices are limited, he will continue down the path he has already followed, the path of spending and just being a typical politician , which is dancing around a problem and not solving the problem.

  2. goldbug says:

    Hi Peter:

    In general, your point is well taken. If your comments were applied to George W. Bush I would say that you were 100% accurate. In Barack Hussein Obama we are dealing with an entirely new breed of ideologue. I am being totally correct when I labeled him the first anti-American president. He doesn’t care if he is reelected as long as he moves the Marxist/Socialist agenda past the point where it can be unraveled.

    That, in a nut shell, is the difference between Obama and let’s say a Clinton. The Clinton’s were willing to compromise in order to stay in power. Their egos won out over their ideology.

    In my opinion, Obama is truly a product of his up bringing. He hates America and everything it stands for. When viewed in this light, his anti capitalist agenda makes total sense.

    All is not bleak because the American people are waking up to his destructive double speak and the unwashed masses between the intellectually elites of the east and west coasts (pun intended) are ready to repudiate him in the 2012 elections. Let’s hope that the Republican elites reject the temptation of nominating another “John McCain” and bring us a candidate that the people can be inspired by and rally behind, in other words, a true conservative.

    Thanks for your comment,


  3. trade4target says:

    I absolutely adore reading your blog posts, the variety of writing is smashing.This blog as usual was educational, I have had to bookmark your site and subscribe to your feed in i feed. Your theme looks lovely.Thanks for sharing.


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